Environmental Policy

ACM supplies minerals, chemicals and equipment to the industry in the Nordic region. ACM is a distributor with a great focus on the supply chain and one of our main responsibilities is logistics solutions covering transport and warehousing.

The following topics need to be considered when assessing our environmental impact.

Environmental impact from products/production
– Natural sources – minerals
– Fossil based sources – oil based raw materials
– Energy consumption, emissions and environmental hazard connected to production of the products we supply
– Packaging – paper, bags, textile bags, bulk without packaging

Transportation impact on energy consumption and GHG – emissions
– Sea, rail or road transportation is selected based on requirements for each route.
– Continuous optimization of transport solutions to reduce environmental impact.

– Energy consumption – non heated warehousing when sufficient
– Pollution – sources of heating and transport within warehouse location
– Waste management implemented by our warehouse partners

Business travel
– Mode of transport – car, air or rail depending on requirements
– Car policy that encourages selection of low emission car models


We are aware of the environmental impact from our products in all steps of the supply chain.

Our objective is to control and limit the impact in every step of the process.

In the cooperation with our partners our objective is to include the environmental impact in every part of the decision process when it comes to product, mode of transport and warehousing.

• An investigation and analysis will be done to identify opportunities to optimize our logistics solution with regards to energy consumption and pollution. The inquiry shall be completed by February 28, 2020 and this analysis will be the basis for decisions on choices of logistics solutions going forward.

• From 2019 we reduce air travel for business travel shorter than 700 km one way by 75 %.

• From 2020 50 % of meetings with suppliers need to be done via phone/web link to reduce travel.

• By 2022 50 % of ACM company cars need to be plug in electric hybrid.

We are committed to encourage recycling and reuse and waste recycling is also implemented in our office.

ACM Environmental Policy applies to all parts of ACM AB operations in Sweden.

The policy is reviewed annually, next review on March 31, 2020.

Emil Engvall
Managing Director
March 26, 2019

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