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UV absorbers/HALS

UV absorbers absorb sunlight and flourescent light in the ultraviolet spectra. The purpose is to filter harmful UV light before it forms free radicals. They protect the polymer in paints and plastics from oxidative degradation from UV radiation. Depending on polymer type the degrading UV light is of different wavelength. The choice of UV absorber is dictated by the wavelength it’s intended to absorb, thus indirectly by the polymer in question.

UV absorbers can’t absorb all UV light a paint layer is exposed to. Some of it inevitably penetrates the paint and forms free radicals of the polymer in the paint. This is where HALS (Hindered-Amine Light Stabilizer) interact with UV absorbers. The HALS molecule decomposes the free radicals that are formed and prevents them from generating free radicals. In a paint formulation a combination of UV absorber and HALS is most often used.

The range of UV absorbers and HALS is extensive and consists of a number of complex molecules that are chosen based on the conditions such wave length and the composition of the material to be protected.

The trade name for our UV absorbers and HALS is Chiguard®.


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UV absorbers/HALS