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Self-Cleaning Filters

Self-cleaning filters for more efficiency: wedge wire filters, slot tube filters and rotating filters

Our specialty is the production of self-cleaning filters of type DELTA-STRAIN, including wedge wire filters, slot tube filters and rotating filters. Several utility models of these automatic filters guarantee our customers the OEM in-performance and economy.

Continuous development of our filters and filter systems as well as a mandatory quality manufacturing process according to ISO 9001:2015 underline our company policy.

Core competencies: Self-cleaning filters, often referred to as wedge wire filters or slot tube filters, type DELTA-STRAIN (ATEX-conform acc. to EU directive 2014/34/EU) as well as a large number of automatic and static filters, e.g. automatic backflush filters, basket filters, candle filters, bag filters, temporary strainers and filter inserts of all types. You can find by us also the suitable filter insert as well as quick cover closures in different variants.

Versions as single filters, switchable dual filters and mobile filter units are available. Rent filter and test filter are available in different designs.

Principle of operation of the wedge wire filter

The polluted medium flows from outside to inside through the metallical, cylindrical filter element. Dirt particals which are bigger than the slot of the element, stick on the surface of the element. These particles will be removed with the scraper-blade by turning the element and the dirt sinks to the filter sump. From there the dirt can be purged in intervals manually with ball-valves or automatically by sluices (with minimum loss of medium). The cleaning and discharge occur without interruption of the flow. This ensures a continuous use of our self-cleaning filters. For gel-like and fibrous particles special perforated elements are available. Those were developed especially for applications where conventional slot tubes couldn’t be used e.g. the filtration of algae, fibres etc. out of water.

Part of our model program


DS 35-D/L






DS 240-S/L

DS 480-S/L

DS 960-S/L






DS 400-RS

DS 600-RS

DS 1200-RS





Key features for our self-cleaning filters

  • Slot tube filter for the filtration of hydrous, viscous, high-viscous and pasty media
  • Flow capacity up to 250 m³/h (in relation to clean water)
  • Mechanical forced cleaning by flexible scraper-blades
  • No interruption of flow during the cleaning and the removal of dirt
  • Minimum loss of the media during the discharge of dirt
  • Low operation costs due to a long service life of filter elements
  • Simple and time-saving maintenance without special tools
  • Filter rates nominal from 25 µm up to 8000 µm
  • Slot tube filter in welded design of stainless steel or painted carbon steel
  • All inserts of high-grade stainless steel
  • Perforated elements for fibres, algae und gel-like particles
  • Manual or motorized drive
  • ATEX-conformable acc. to EU directive 2014/34/EU
  • More effectively than Backflush-Filters (e.g. lower loss of media)
  • Design and calculation acc. PED 2014/68/EU depending on the Filter type
  • For tests a number of filters are available
  • Optional TÜV-acceptance, Ex-protection, special voltage, higher pressure and temperature, heating
    jackets, special materials, special seals, paintings, mechanical shaft seals, perforated and hardened
    filter elements, differential pressure indicators, sluices, full automatic control systems etc.
  • Custom design (e.g. ANSI-flanges, NPT-thread etc.)
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