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Retention & Fixatives

To assure that the right products and dosing levels are applied, several different products are evaluated in a laboratory evaluation before running in full scale. It’s done at repeated occasions to include all different conditions that the production process may show. More than one product is often combined in concepts with multiple components to achieve optimum results.


Tradename: RetStar®

Cationic and anionic polymers with various charge density and molecular weight. The products are either in liquid or powder form.

Powder products are delivered in big bags of 500 kg and 750 kg. The bags have four stripes and a spout at the bottom. The powder is dissolved in a make up unit to a concentration of 0,2-0,5 % depending on the capacity of the make up unit.


Liquid products are delivered in road tanker, IBC or drum. They are mixed with water and dosed from simple dosing equipment, that we can provide. The concentration of the solution should be 0,5-1 %.



  • Excellent retention of fiber, fines and fillers
  • Improved the dewatering which gives energy savings in the press and drying sections
  • Reduces suspended solids and colloidal material i in the white water, which keeps the wet end clean during a longer period
  • Improved colloidal retention gives improved sizing and yield of added dyes



Tradename: BentStar®

BentStar® is a micro particle that is often used in two- and three- component retentionssystems with polymer and fixative. The products is in powder form and is a treated clay (from volcanic ash).

ACM also delivers bentonite as a one component systme for pitch contro. Dosing levels are usually around 2-5 kg/t of pulp.

The product is delivered in road tanker or in 1000 kg big bags, with or without spout. The benonite is made into a slurry of 2-5 % in a make up unit.





  • Improves paper machine runability by keeping the machine more clean from pitch
  • Improves dewatering which gives energy savings in press and dryer sections
  • Excellent retention of fines and fillers
  • More stable conditions in the wet end and improve sheet properties
  • Reduces BOD/COD
  • Performs in a wide pH-range



Tradename: FixStar®

FixStar® is available with different charge levels and molecular weights, normally as polyDADMAC or polyamine. Compared to polyakrylamides they have much higher charge and lower molecular weights. Normally the products are used for fixation and/or to control the cationc demand. The products are used in combination with polymer and/or bentonite at paper machines or water treatment plans, for higher retention, pitch control and cleaner water.  

FixStar® are liquid products that are delivered in road tankers or in IBC of 1000 kg. The product can easily be dosed with a pump, normally excenter screw- or membrane pump.



  • Neutralizes anionic charge in the process water which improves the conditions for the performance of the retentionpolymer 
  • Fixation of solid colloidal particles in the process water (pitch, white pitch, stickies)
  • Improves dewatering
  • Improves the retention of dry strength additives, dyes, fillers and pigments
  • Performs in a wide pH-interval
  • Easy to dose
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