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Recycled plastics compounds

EU-directive, and of course also our ambition to create a sustainable society, demand that the recycling rate for plastic materials increases. The number of different plastic grades in our society makes this a great challenge from a sorting perspective. Another challenge with the ambitions to increase the recycling rate is that the quality of consumer plastic waste needs to be good enough to replace virgin plastic materials in a number of applications of high volumes.

This demands efficient collection and sorting but most of all technical development that provides recycled plastics of high and consistent quality. Bright Green Plastics’ technology BrightFusionTM  is a concept based on a mineral acting as a carrier of a compatibilizer. This compatibilizer allows a mix of PE and PP to be used in a compound, this facilitates sorting and makes it possible to benefit from the properties of both these polyolefins when you tailor make materials for different demanding applications. 

Our range of recycled plastics compunds are all based on consumer waste material. The products based on BrightFusionTM  are promoted for injection moulding, extrusion and wood-plastic composite materials. Also sorted grades of PE and PP are available for a number of different applications with requirements of stable product specifications. 

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Recycled plastics compounds