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Paper converting

Our paper converting products are used to give specific surface or barrier properties
to a paper product. The products are water based dispersions that are applied to the
paper and board surface usingone  of coating applicators available in the market.

When the water in the dispersion dryes the polymer in the dispersion forms a film that covers the surface. The polymer film is a dense layer that effectively stops water, vapour or fat from penetrating into the paper sheet. Focus on water, vapour of fat dictates the choice of polymer in the dispersion. Factors as type of applicator, drying temperature or base paper properties  are also important for the composition of the dispersion.

In the range there are also coating products that give the sheet increased friction, protection of high quality print or flame retardant properties. Defoamers for especially demanding applications are also an important part of the range. The products are developed through sophisticated choices of additives that give these products the specific properties that are requested.

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Paper converting