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Organo titanates

Ex Alkanolamine titanate, Triethanolamine titanate, Tetra iso-propyl titanate, Polybutyl titanate.

Tytan CX series (Alkanolamine titanate) is a chelated complex that acts as a rheology modifier for emulsion paints. It reacts with colloid stabilized binders to impart a thixotropic structure to the paint through shear sensitive hydrogen bonding. It has no to little effect on the rheology of emulsion paints based on surfactant stabilized binders.

Tytan PBT (Polybutyl titanate) is largely used in formulating heat and corrosion resistant paints. Tytan PBT has polymer structure with chemical formula as TixOy(OR)4x-y. Tytan PBT can be used with zinc or alumina pigments to formulate paints suitable for application by brush or spray. It can also be used to formulate air-drying paint with silicone resins. Paint containing Tytan PBT is moisture sensitive during manufacture and storage. The film dries through hydrolysis of PBT to a thin layer of Ti-O-Si and then bond to the substrate. Once the film has dried, it can stand up to 600°C.

Tytan TET(Triethanolamine titanate) is titanium chelate of triethanolamine and isopropyl alcohol complexes with chemical formula as (TEA)2 – Ti – (OiPr) 2. Tytan TET is water soluble titanate and can be used in a variety of applications cross-linking agent in aqueous and non-aqueous paint, wire enamel and adhesion promoter in polyurethane system.

Tytan TIPT (Tetra iso-propyl titanate) is a very reactive primary titanate that will hydrolyze immediately in contact with moisture. It is mainly used as catalyst for esterification, trans-esterification and olefin polymerization. Tytan TIPT can also be used selectively as an adhesion promoting and cross-linking agent for hydroxylic compounds or heat and corrosion resistant coatings. Tytan TIPT is most suitable for use in the glass and glass fiber manufacturing. Tytan TIPT can only be used as an additive to solvent based products.

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Organo titanates