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Eventful 2021 for ACM!

2021 was a very eventful year for ACM, as it probably was for many companies with global supply chains.

The demand was at a general high level during the whole year and the number of new requests and new projects was greater than any other year in the company’s 15 year history. Supply problems and cost development opened up new business opportunities for us, within both new and old product areas. A the same time logistics problems and long delivery times made us work very hard and use a lot of resources during the year to secure deliveries of the products we sell continuously. Our customer service department has done, and keep on doing, a fantastic job and even if we have some examples of when we haven’t been able to deliver they have still secured product for almost all of our customers’ demand.

Our new business during 2021 we find in the paints-, paper- and chemical industries. We have grown within our etablished range of minerals and we have gained new business with our chemical additives. During the year we have, as communicated earlier, also expanded our cooperation with Imerys. In a new distribution agreement we have secured our cooperation for a number of years and at the same time we have extended our range of minerals with talc and wollastonite.

The great demand and the opportunities that we have managed gave us a growth in turnover from SEK 89 million in 2020 to SEK 107 million in 2021. For 2022 we see that our expanded product range gives us opportunities for further growth and at the same time we have to be prepared that supply issues and cost development will be a challenge for us  this year as well.

We thank all customers and partners for a good cooperation in 2021!

Emil Engvall/MD

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Eventful 2021 for ACM!