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ACM promotes impregnated activated carbon

ACM promotes products for air treatment from our partner Molecular Products. The product range includes soda lime for CO2-removal, oxygen generators for civil and military purposes, catalysts and activated carbons for oxidation and removal of harmful substances in the air.

Through an extended cooperation we today have full access to the complete Molecular Products range. From their facilities in Colorado, US we market a complete range of impregnated activated carbons for both civil and military applications.

With the Chemsorb range we have products of market leading quality for a number of critical applications within industry, society and defense.                                                                                                                                        

Examples of application:

  • Industrial gas processing – absorption of for example hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide for reduction of pollution.
  • Collective and personal protection – protection from harmful substances in industrial, defense related och nuclear applications.
  • Defense – Chemsorb CBRN and military products of impregnated activated carbons are used to remove harmful substances from defense related environments.
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ACM promotes impregnated activated carbon