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ACM has a strong focus on warehousing and logistic solutions

At ACM AB, our basic idea and objective is to be a local supplier to our customers, where we can offer great flexibility and high accuracy on our transports. With warehouses in two locations in Sweden, we have created a secure distribution network where we can offer both fast and cost-effective deliveries, while at the same time be able to deliver products from several different manufacturers in one shipment.

We have prioritized our business partners based on availability and delivery reliability, innovation capacity and sustainability responsibility. Our partners are global companies with high quality products.
ACM is constantly striving to be your reliable supplier of a product range that is constantly being developed by some of the leading and most innovation-driven manufacturers in each market segment. The products comply with international standards and regulatory requirements and contribute to a safer and more healthy work environment and a cleaner environment for all of us!

In order to meet our customers’ demands for flexibility while keeping transport costs down, we utilize both truck- and sea freight and also rail transport. Although only part of the transport constitutes dangerous goods, our organization has the certifications required to handle that type of goods.
A very important function for a smooth and well-functioning freight handling is our customer service, which has many years of experience in this type of process and great responsiveness to the needs in the industries they serve. They have extensive knowledge of our customers’ operations and work closely with them to provide the best service.

The services that we at ACM can offer our customers include repackaging to the desired pallet size and height, repackaging of materials from small bags to big bags, or bulk vehicles and from bulk to big bags, or small bags. Our unique conversion facility gives you as a customer great benefits and ensures that your goods are handled, repackaged, stored and distributed in the right way, in the right packaging and in the right time. Repackaging for optimal packaging and pallet size provides efficiency benefits that mean saved money and increased customer benefit.

In the event of special requirements or requests, together with our carriers, we can tailor a logistics plan that suits your needs. As an example, we offer some customers a locally placed call off stock to be able to deliver full containers to customers within 3 days of placing an order with us. This gives them great advantages in their production planning.


Our close customer partnerships show the commitment we have to continuously improving our customers’ processes and products!

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ACM has a strong focus on warehousing and logistic solutions