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ACM and Feralco Nordic expand the cooperation further


Emil Engvall, VD ACM

Emil Engvall, MD ACM

During 2016 a first contact was taken between the MD of Feralco Nordic, Johan Modén and the MD of ACM, Emil Engvall. -We have a product portfolio that covers significant parts of the market for chemicals to the wet end and water treatment within the paper industry. However, we were lacking inorganic coagulants for water treatment and therefore we wanted to establish contact with Feralco Nordic to discuss the opportunity for cooperation. Since we knew that ACM and Feralco share the view on creation of customer value in this segment, we were excited about such a cooperation, Emil Engvall says.

Johan Modén, MD Feralco Nordic


Johan Modén agrees – both companies are comparably small in relation to our competitors, but this is our strength, in terms of great flexibility and availability combined with knowledge and competence, that both companies brings to the cooperation. Together we can create fast and customer specific solutions that increase the value for our customers, which makes ACM/Feralco a strong joint player, Johan concludes.


Ulf Westrin, Feralco Nordic

Several of the companies’ representatives know each other from earlier employments in other companies, this has made the cooperation easier to establish. Ulf Westrin (Feralco) who has been around since the launch of Ekoflock, is very positive about the cooperation and says,- we have a common view on how things should be done and we are both very eager to solve problems and see opportunities. Currently we have eight ongoing projects and half of them are already established applications at customer sites.


Roland Boom, ACM

Roland Boom who recently joined ACM has re united with old colleagues at ACM and Feralco from old employments at other companies, says: – It’s very inspiring to once again work with people, at both companies, that you know from the past. When we are at the mills we take our task seriously while we still enjoy our work, Roland concludes.

Emil Engvall and Johan Modén agree that the cooperation has devloped above expectations. They believe that the course the companies have set together should be kept and further developed. Both Emil and Johan have a positive view of the future for this cooperation.

/Jan Larsson

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ACM and Feralco Nordic expand the cooperation further