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A first half of 2022 with exceptional challenges

During the first half of 2022 we have had a situation that not many of us have experienced before. Cost development for energy, raw materials and transports that started to pick up in 2021, very much connected to bottle necks triggered by covid-restrictions, have accelerated to extreme levels after Russias invasion of Ukraine and we still don’t know whether we have reached some kind of peak. There is potential for political decisions the next few months that can worsen the situation even more.

For ACM this has meant cost pressure on products and transports that continue to be a challenge for our business. We are in a position where it is impossible to guarantee any conditions for a longer period of time, they change continuously and so far the trend has only been upwards. Since supply disruptions started in early 2021 we have had greater focus on securing product availability and we have increased our stock levels to reduce our vulnerability. A better long-term planning from our customers facilitates this planning and help cooperation to secure deliveries etc. After all we have during the first half of 2022 seen certain improvements in this area, after having to change some sourcing routines in 2021 leading to increase work load, we have this year with some efforts been able to go back to old routines in some areas.

Despite these challenges ACM is a stable company. The demand is good and new distribution agreements, that we informed of at the end of 2021, gave us new business with good volumes. As a consequence of our financial development the last few years we have now been awarded AAA credit rating by Bisnode. This is a milestone in our company’s history that we are very proud of.






We want to thank all our customers and partners for very good cooperation in these challenging times, we hope that we together can handle the second half of 2022 just as successfully as the first!

We take the opportunity to wish everyone a nice and relaxing summer!

Emil Engvall/MD

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A first half of 2022 with exceptional challenges