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The locations of our warehouses mean that we can offer both fast and cost efficient deliveries, while also being able to provide joint deliveries with products from several different producers.

We use road, sea and rail for our transport operations, which enables us to meet our customers’ demands in terms of flexibility while keeping transport costs down.

Even though only some of these transport activities involve hazardous goods, we have an organisation with the necessary certifications to handle these kinds of goods.

One very important function when it comes to a smooth, effective flow of goods is our Supply Chain, which serves our three business areas. Monica Jällbrink and Eva Windrot, both of whom have many years’ experience of these kinds of processes and are extremely receptive to the needs of the industry they serve. They have extensive knowledge of our customers’ businesses and work in close collaboration with them in order to offer the best possible service.

Monica Jällbrink

Supply Chain
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