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Impregnated activated carbon

Impregnated activated carbon is used to remove harmful substances from gases. It could be acids, ammonia, amines and even inorganic gases. A pore structure is created in the carbon by activation. Impregnation modifies the activated carbon with a distributed surface of chemicals and metal particles on the internal pore surfaces. This increases the adsorption capacity of the carbon through a synergy between the chemicals and the carbon. This creates a cost-effective way of removing the impurities from gas streams that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

The choice of chemicals for impregnation dictates which impurities the specific product can adsorb.

A wide rage of impregnation carbon, with different impregnation, makes it possible to use this technique for several different impurities.

The trade namne for our impregnated carbons is Chemsorb.

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Impregnated activated carbon