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Filter Inserts

Our partners are leading cartridge filter housing manufacturer, producing a wide range of vessels with a choice of designs and sizes  in line with  industry standard configurations. Their manufacturing flexibility also enables to  customise vessels to meet the needs of your application.  We can also offer an extensive range of high-performance filter cartridges including pleated, melt blown, resin bonded and wound filters. Filter inserts for the filtration of liquids and gases. Application in the industrial, nominal filtration.

Filter Baskets

Strainer Basket Inserts

  • Filtration of fluids and gases
  • Baskets and mesh of stainless steel 1.4571/ 1.4401, 1.4301 respectively carbon steel or plastic
  • Smooth lining as standard
  • Filter rates nominal from 5 µm to 10000 µm
  • High differential pressure strength
  • Optional special materials, demountable fabric and bracket, pleated fabric, return stream support, multilayer construction, magnetic column etc.
  • Custom design


Filter Candles/Cartridges

Wound Filter Element

  • Filtration of fluids of gases
  • High dirt absorbance by depth filtration (e.g. wounded elements)
  • Large variaty of filter materials, e.g. polypropylene, cotton, glass fibre, stainless steel, filled with active carbon etc.
  • Design type (standard DOE) suitable for all housings
  • Filter rates nominal from 0,5 µm to 10000 µm
  • Easy handling
  • Standard filter length from 5″ to 40″ or from 9 3/4″ to 39″
  • Optional special materials, special length, special fineness, adapter (z.B. SOE), higher temperatures etc.
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Filter Inserts