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Dry strength

Dry strength agents have been known in the paper industry and in literature for decades. There are both natural and synthetic products in the market. For example starch and polymer based products. Our BondStar® products are mainly based on polymers and the mechanism is an interaction between aldehyde- and hydroxyl groups. Strength properties are formed already in the press section and develop through the dryer section. The powerful bonds strengthen the sheet structure and open for new possibilities in paper making.  BondStar® has had great success globally the last few years.

PrimeBOND are starch based products, multi functional cationic polymers, specially developed to reduce dusting and improve printability. PrimeBOND are also excellent products for ASA emulsification. There is also experience of increased bulk for paper and board sheets during trials of these products.

To confirm the right products and dosing level several products are evaluated in laboratory scale before full scale usage. It’s done at repeated occasions to cover the varying conditions in the production process.


Polyvinylamine (PVAm)

Tradename: BondStar®

Glyoxylated polyakrylamide (GPAM)

Tradename: BondStar®

Starch based polymers

Tradename: PrimeBOND

These are liquid products and are deliverd in road tankers or IBC.


  • Increased dry strength
  • Reduced sheet breaks
  • Increased machine speed
  • Increased filler loading
  • Increased retention and dewatering
  • Increased bulk
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Dry strength