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Dispersing agents

A dispersion is a mixture of substances that aren’t mutually soluable, but exist in two or more phases. The dispersed phase are solid particles, liquid drops or gas bubbles in the continuous phase, the dispersion media.
Dispersing agents are surface active substances that facilitate the atomization in a dispersion, they contribute to the increased degree of dispersion.

Our range of dispersing agents, DispStar®, is made up salt solutions of acrylic polymer in water.

DispStar® 100 L is a solution of sodium salt of an acrylic polymer.

DispStar® 106 L is a solution of ammonium salt of an acrylic polymer.

DispStar® 108 L is a solution of ammonium salt of an acrylic co polymer.



Our dispersing agents can be used in many different paper coating formulations. They are efficiently used for the dispersion of in organic pigments, to incease the dry solid content or lower the viscosity of dispersions. The products improve the storage stability of pigment dispersions and coating formulations. DispStar® can be used for dispersion of a number of different inorganic pigments/minerals: calcium carbonate, kaolin, talc, titanium dioxide etc.


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Dispersing agents