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Deposit Control

The agglomeration of pitch causes quality problems, holes, spots and runnability issues. Deposit control is a topic on paper- and board machines since many years. Generally a good retention is desirable to avoid problems with pitch and deposits.  ACM has long experience from achieving good retention in combination with effective deposit control. We deliver different types of products to minimize problems from agglomeration of pitch. The choice of product or system of products, is done after analysis and laboration at the application in question.


Tradename: BentStar®

BentStar® is a micro particle often used in a two- and three component retention system in combination with polymer and fixative. The product is in powder form and is a specially treated clay (from volcanic ash).

ACM also delivers bentonite as a one component system for deposit control. The dosage level is usally in the range 2-5 kg/t of pulp.

The product is delivered in a road tanker or in big bags of 1000 kg with or without spout. The bentonite slurry is prepared in a make up unit at a concentration of 2-5 % depending on the capacity of the make up unit.



  • Improves paper machine runnability by keeping the machine clean from pitch and deposits
  • Improves the dewatering which saves energy in the press and dryer sections
  • Gives excellent retention of fines and fillers
  • Gives more stable conditions in the wet end and improved sheet properties
  • Reduces BOD/COD
  • Performs in a wide pH-interval



Tradenames: FixStar®, RaiFIX®

FixStar® is available with different charge levels and molecular weights, normally as polyDADMAC or polyamine. Compared to polyakrylamides they have much higher charge and lower molecular weights. Normally the products are used for fixation and/or to control the cationc demand. The products are used in combination with polymer and/or bentonite at paper machines or water treatment plans, for higher retention, pitch control and cleaner water.

RaiFIX® is a starch based product that doesn’t effect the system charge as much as FixStar®. Suitable to use in applications with low cationic demand close to zero.

FixStar® and RaiFIX® are liquid products that are delivered in road tankers or IBC of 1000 liters. The product can easily be dosed with a pump, normally excenter screw- or membrane pump.



  • FixStar® neutralizes anionic charge in the process water and pulp
  • Improves paper machine runnability by keeping the machine clean from pitch and deposits
  • Fixes solid colloidal particles in process water and pulp
  • Performs in a wide pH-interval
  • Easy to dose
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