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Candle/Cartridge Filters

LV1 Stainless Steel Cartridge Housings

LV1 Stainless Steel Single Cartridge Housing





The LV1 series single cartridge vessels consist of an investment cast head with 1” BSP (F) inline connections and 1/8” BSP (F) vent, a quick release clamp, and a bowl with ¼” BSP (F) bottom drain. LV1 vessels are produced in four sizes to suit industry standard 10”, 20”, 30” and 40” nominal length filter cartridges. The universal head can be configured to suit double open ended, code 8 (222 o rings/fin) or code 3 (222 o rings / flat) cartridges.

Multi Round Stainless Steel Cartridge Housings

Multi Round Stainless Steel Cartridge Housing





Multi round cartridge vessels feature a universal bottom cup to suit double open ended, code 8 (222 o rings/fin) or code 3 (222 o rings / flat) cartridges. Our vessel design therefore provides versatility – by simply exchanging the cartridge top sealing components, the vessel can be converted to suit either double open ended cartridges or to suit code 3 and 8 cartridges. For use with double open ended cartridges, vessels are provided with a cup and spring component which achieves both top sealing and cartridge core location, and a compression plate.







  • Filtration of liquids and gases
  • Flowrate up to 700 m³/h (in relation to clean water)
  • Inlet and outlet up to DN300, height offset
  • Welded housing (depending on the filter type) of stainless steel, carbon steel with painting as well as plastic
  • Robust and affordable
  • Max. allowable pressure 10 bar
  • Max. allowable temperature 80°C
  • Design and calculation acc. PED 2014/68/EU
  • Wide range of application by standard filter cartridges (DOE)
  • Filter candles of different materials
  • Quick exchange of filter candles
  • For test, filters of type DELTA-KF-1-1 or DELTA-KF-1-2 are available
  • Optional TÜV acceptance, higher pressures and temperatures, heating jackets, INLINE design, special materials, special seals, davit, monitoring of the differential pressure, design as dual filter, ball valves for switch over etc.
  • Custom design
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