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According to a new EU directive, the proportion of plastics that is recycled must increase. But in order for recycled plastics to be used in far more applications than is currently the case, new technologies must be developed.

This is where our mineral and compatibilisation technology, BrightFusionTM, makes an important contribution, as it can modify the properties in recycled plastic for use in many more applications. This means that we can offer recycled plastics with properties close to virgin PE and PP. BrightFusionTM offers plastic processing companies an amazing opportunity to increase the use of recycled material, which improves the companies’ sustainability profile and makes it easier to work in line with the new European legislation on the increased recycling of plastic materials.

The range of modified compounds based on recycled consumer waste of PE and PP. Thanks to the unique technology, the recycled PE and PP material can be used without sorting. The range offers products for corrugated pipes, injection moulding and wood plastic composites. Bright Green Plastics is continuously developing new grades in order to further increase the potential of this technology.

For the plastics industry, we also have a wide range of calcium carbonate, kaolin, talc and mica products. Calcium carbonate is available both as standard products and in the form of customised products with controlled particle size distribution and surface treatment.

In film and packaging solutions, they make it possible to have a high blend content, while retaining or improving the product properties. Kaolin and calcium carbonate can also be used in plastic based flooring products to improve scratch resistance, brightness and dimensional stability.

Our UV absorbers, HALS and anti oxidants can be used to improve the properties of different plastics based products.

Product names

Polwhite, Infilm, Polestar, Mistron, Steamas, Imercarb, Filmlink, Supercoat, Socal, Winnofil, Mica, Imerplast, Chiguard, Deox and Revonox.