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Although solvent based paints to a great extent have been phased out and replaced by water based ones, manufacturers of coatings are faced with a gradual increase in environmental and health requirements. This means that they must constantly find new technical solutions in the development of new coatings.

ACM plays an important role in this development, as the company’s product portfolio is based on natural minerals.

Our range of minerals for paints, coatings, plasters and printing inks consists of extenders, such as kaolin, talc and calcium carbonate, matting agents in the form of diatomite and perlite, and special minerals such as mica. The products can be untreated, surface-treated and calcined.

Additives as photo initiators, UV stabilisers and  dispersing agents, are an increasingly important part of our product range.

To minimise the environmental impact, ACM collaborates with manufacturers and suppliers that lead the way when it comes to using environmentally sustainable processes.

Product names

Polwhite, Speswhite, Supreme, Optigloss, Polsperse, Polestar, Opacilite, Mistron, Mistrofil, Jetfine, Luzenac, Imercarb, Polcarb, Socal, Winnofil, Diafil, Celtix, Optimat, Ecoflat, Mica, DispStar, Chiguard, Chivacure, Tytan, DefomStar.



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