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Building and Construction is one of ACM’s largest business segments. In this segment, we use the minerals kaolin, mullite, metakaolin and perlite to create added value in various products. Our range enables customers to move towards more sustainable materials and safer product sources in the construction industry.

One major product area is flame retardants for plasterboard panels, where kaolin and mullite provide dimensional stability for plasterboard panels with a high level of fire resistance, while metakaolin improves hardening and material properties in cementious based products.

The current solution involving the use of fly ash from coal fired power plants as a lightweight filler for plasters and sealants is not sustainable in the long term, but will in time need to be replaced by other materials to a greater extent. The mineral perlite is a very interesting, environment friendly alternative in this context as a lightweight filler, as it is a totally clean source.

Our business partner Imerys is developing new products in order to be a key player in this area. Among other things, they have customised a lightweight filler for plasters and sealants based on perlite.

Our products open up many opportunities for the construction industry to create cleaner construction materials, enhancing the sustainability aspect throughout the whole life cycle chain.

Product names

Polwhite, Molochite, Argical.

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