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Finding a good replacement for formaldehyde is a challenge for the chemical industry. ACM wants to make an active contribution to development in which people and the environment are less exposed to hazardous chemicals. We are therefore continuously changing our product range in order to keep up with what we feel is a necessary change in the industry.

Our product programme for adhesives and sealants consists of kaolin and calcium carbonate. Kaolin is available either untreated or calcined. Calcium carbonate is available untreated, surface treated or with customised particle size distribution.

We also offer dispersing agents, defoamers and organo titantes which enhance certain properties of silicon sealants.

Product names

Polwhite, Speswhite, Supreme, Polestar, Imercarb, Imerseal, Polcarb, Carbital, Socal, Winnofil, DispStar, DefomStar, Tytan.


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