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ACM wants to make an active contribution to development in which people and the environment
are less exposed to hazardous chemicals. We are therefore continuously changing our
product range in order to keep up with the development of more sustainable mineral and chemical products.

We collaborate with manufacturers and suppliers who are leading the way when it comes to the use of environmental processes. For the plastics industry, our mineral and compatibilisation technology, BrightFusionTM, is making an important contribution to increase the opportunities to offer recycled plastics with properties that are close to virgin PE and PP.

The adhesives industry are in the middle of a transition towards less use of formaldehyde. For the construction industry, one of the products we offer is perlite, a lightweight filler, as a replacement for fly ash from coal-fired power plants. While in the field of cosmetics we have a wide range of natural minerals that fit in well with the trend of organic and sustainable products.

Kaolin, talc, calcium carbonate, perlite, mica and diatomite are important components in our product portfolio. Untreated, calcined and surface-treated products make it possible for these minerals to add value in many different applications.

The range is supplemented by dispersing agents, UV stabilisers, photo initiators, thickeners, thixotropic agents, adhesion promoters and catalysts. This makes us an attractive partner in many market segments:

Our partners

We offer customised solutions for a hi-tech business area and market products from leading manufacturers. Our partners in the Specialty Chemistry business area are Imerys, Borica, ACAT and Chitec.

Niklas Wimnell

Specialty Chemicals/Filtration

Emil Engvall

Managing Director/Specialty Chemicals
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