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One of the most strictly regulated processes in paper manufacturing is the effluent treatment, where the mills are under constant pressure to improve it.

It is increasingly common that an effluent treatment plant built several years ago will soon be under dimensioned for the increase in production that has taken place over these years. One of the keys to achieving the optimal effect in plants is often the dosing strategy for the chemicals.

Other changes in the manufacturing process, such as meeting new customer requirements or achieving better operating economy, also affect water treatment, with the result that it has to be optimized continuously.

It is not unusual for a mill to make a large number of changes over the course of a year. To identify these we maintain a continuous dialogue with our customers. Our experienced engineers visit the mills regularly, conducting tests and measurements to determine how the process is working. Joint assessments are made of any changes in the processes, for example changing the dosage levels or replacing chemicals with others that are more suitable.

ACM provides chemicals for internal and external water treatment and sludge dewatering, and our employees have more than 30 years’ experience of how to adapt chemical systems to different environments in water and sludge applications.

Our portfolio includes bentonites, anionic and cationic polymers, and highly charged fixatives. We also have coagulants such as polyaluminium chloride (PAC) and ferric chloride.

With our experience and competence, we are able to work flexibly to develop an effective concept for each unique application. It is based on a one-, two- or three component system, depending on the actual conditions in the specific water or sludge.

The aim is to control the chemistry in order to achieve optimal functionality in the most cost efficient and environment friendly way possible.

Product names

BentStar®, FlocStar®, FixStar®, Raifix, PlusPAC, Ekoflock, Plusjärn

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Water treatment and sludge dewatering