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ACM’s employees have more than 30 years’ experience of how to compose and optimize retention systems in paper machines. We also have extensive experience of different deposit control systems.

Our range of retention systems includes bentonites and anionic and cationic polymers (PAM). We offer flexible solutions in which we adapt the system to the current stock, which is unique for each mill. In some cases one component is enough, but sometimes two- or three component systems are required.

The aim is to control the wet end chemistry in order to achieve optimal retention and dewatering, combined with good runnability and operating economy. The environmental impact is then generally reduced in the form of lower steam consumption and lower quantities of fibres and fillers passing into the mill’s effluent treatment plant. This means that less water treatment chemicals are needed in the effluent plant.

Product names

RetStar®, BentStar®, FixStar®, PrimeBOND®, Raifix®, PlusPAC, Ekoflock

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Retention & Fixation