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Development in the pulp & paper industry are moving increasingly in the direction of identifying new product areas and markets. This involves not least efforts being made to replace plastic with wood fiber in various applications, not only for disposable articles and packaging items, but also in more hi tech applications.

While paper manufacturers are striving to improve paper quality and widen areas of application, they also want to reduce costs. This can be done by reducing the basis weight or replacing fibers with fillers. The problem is that this leads to a reduction of paper strength and quality.

In recent years, several types of chemicals have been developed to retain or increase the strength, despite changes in the amount of fiber and/or filler. The collective term used to describe these products is dry strength agents.

ACM’s business partners are leading the way in this development, and in recent years we have expanded out portfolio with this product.group  We currently market three types of dry strength products:

  • Polyvinylamine (PVAm)
  • Glyoxalated polyacrylamide (GPAM)
  • Starch-based polymer

Before any test run, we always conduct laboratory tests in order to select the product that is best suited for the mill’s unique stock.

Product names

BondStar®, PrimeBOND®

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