In order to achieve an effective reduction of different resins and stickies, they should be attached to fibres and fines when they are as small as possible, before they start to agglomerate. This is usually achieved using inorganic and organic fixatives.

ACM has extensive experience of deposit control in the paper industry. We use several different types of fixatives for this purpose, such as bentonite, polyamine, polyDADMAC and PAC.

The most important variables for successful fixation, with minimal agglomeration of colloidal material, are product selection, dosage and dosing point.

To determine which measures need to be taken for effective deposit control, we carry out measurements of the quantity of resin particles, stickies and white pitch in our customers’ processes. When performing measurements, we use ACAT’s specially developed analysis method, the ACAT Pitch Counter (APC).

Product names

BentStar®, FixStar®, Raifix®, PlusPAC, Ekoflock

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Deposit control