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ACM has extensive experience and a high level of expertise about their production processes,
and this is also reflected in a high level of competence in the field of filtration.

Through a close, long term partnership with Deltafilter, we offer a broad range of filtration equipment, with the main focus on self cleaning filters.

These filters make it possible to create a closed system in which particle separation takes place using a moving filter element with a static filter blade, which can separate particles down to 25 µm.

It is a design that requires fewer shutdowns for cleaning, while at the same time achieving enhanced reliability and reduced losses of finished product.

The technology can be used for hydrous, viscous and highly viscous media. There are currently installations featuring this technology in the coatings, adhesives, paper, food and chemical industries, etc.

Our partner

Our partner in the Filtration business area is Deltafilter, a company with a full range of filtration equipment, including self cleaning filters, filter housings for bags and cartridges, basket filters, temporary filters, etc.

Niklas Wimnell

Specialty Chemicals/Filtration
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