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Bulkincreasing agent

ACM offers the product group PrimeBOND® to the Swedish paper industry. PrimeBOND are starch based products, multi functional cationic polymers, especially developed to reduce dusting, improve printability and printing quality. PrimeBOND are also excellent products for ASA emulsification. Experience has also been made in trials that an increased bulk can been achieved from these products.

To assure that the right products and dosing levels are applied, a number of different products are evaluated in lab scale before a trial. It’s done at repeated occasions to cover the varying conditions that are normal in the production process.


Starch based polymers

Tradename: PrimeBOND

Liquid products supplied in road tanker or IBC.


  • Increased bulk of the paper-/board sheet
  • Fewer web breaks
  • Increased machine speed
  • Increased filler loading
  • Increased retention and dewatering
  • Limited effect on the cationic demand


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Bulkincreasing agent