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Bright Green Plastics

Bright Green Plastics is an innovative company within plastics recycling based in West Yorkshire, UK. They are experts within recycling of polyolefins and have a wide range based on sorted waste of PE and PP.

With the unique patented mineral based technology, BrightFusion, recycled PE and PP kan be used in more advanced och demanding applications, where virgin material in many cases has been the only alternative. These recycled plastics are adapted to specific applications where the properties are tailor made for the intended usage. The product range is today focused on injection moulding, extrusion and biocomposite materials.

When Imerys launched their Imerplast range in 2013 a new possibility opened up for ACM to enter this market in Sweden. After Imerys’ divestment of Imerplast UK Ltd to the investment company AIAC the company was relaunched as Bright Green Plastics in the beginning of 2020. 

At ACM we continue as distributors for Bright Green Plastics and see great opportunities with the unique BrightFusion technology.



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