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IBF Series Strainers (Inline Basket Filters)

IBF Series Strainers

IBF Series Strainers

IBF Series Strainers





IBF series fabricated strainers are the ideal solution for removing solid particles from a liquid stream. Applications include protection from debris of pumps, meters, valves, nozzles and heat exchangers. The IBF series features inline connections, enabling easy pipeline installation. Standard connection sizes are 1” to 12” flanged (ANSI or DN), with bigger vessels available on request. Fabricated strainers have a bolted lid fitted with a lifting handle and ½” vent valve. The IBF series filters are specifically designed to have high open area ratios (free screen area divided by nominal outlet area), resulting in low pressure drops and longer service before cleaning.

DELTA Basket Filters








  • Filtration of liquids and gases
  • Flow up to 5000 m³/h (in relation to clean water)
  • Nominal diameter connection up to DN1000
  • Designed as single, dual- and multibasket Filter
  • Welded and cast design of stainless steel and stainless steel cast carbon steel, grey cast iron and steel cast with painting as well as plastic
  • Robust and userfriendly
  • INLINE design for many types
  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Design and calculation acc. PED 2014/68/EU depending on the filter type
  • For tests we have individual types of filters
  • Optional TÜV acceptance, higher pressures and temperatures, heating jacket, special materials, special seals, davits for the cover, monitoring the differential pressure, quick cover closures, design as dual filter, ball valves for switch over, coatings etc.
  • Custom design
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