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ACM sells and markets minerals, chemicals and filtration and dosing equipment from some of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers. Our customers are industrial companies in the Nordic region. It is our ambition to develop partnerships with a focus on the customer and to add value in the form of technology, logistics, warehousing and secure deliveries.

ACM was founded in 2007 based on a partnership contract with Imerys. Imerys is a global company with a head office in Paris, which extracts around 30 different minerals and families of minerals in 130 of its own mines in 50 countries. This partnership remains key in our business activities.

The contract covers the Swedish market, and the minerals are used primarily in the coatings, adhesives, plastics, rubber and construction industries. Since Imerys launched its Imercare range in 2013, we have also increased our focus on the cosmetics industry.

Over the years, we have successfully augmented the range from Imerys with products from other suppliers in the field of Specialty Chemicals. We are now active throughout the whole Nordic market in this business area.

Our other pillar is business with wet end and water treatment chemicals for the pulp and paper industry in Scandinavia. The basis for this business is an agreement with ACAT from 2009 to market and sell their products in the Scandinavian market.

Availability, knowledge and commitment

ACM’s basic concept is a belief in the ability of a small company to find flexible solutions with optimal customer value based on our core values of Availability, Knowledge and Commitment. These values are central in everything we do.

The business concept is based on us being available and working closely with our customers, both geographically and in terms of cooperation. Our office is in Västra Frölunda. Together with reliable transport service providers and warehouses at two locations in Sweden, we have created a secure distribution network with a high level of reliability. Our salespeople work closely with our customers in the field, and we can quickly come and solve problems on site at the customer’s premises.

Through our employees’ extensive industry experience and close collaboration with our customers and partners, we have built a solid knowledge base on how the products’ properties match our customers’ needs. We also have the facility to bring along technical experts from suppliers for customer meetings.

Our close customer collaboration illustrates our commitment to continuously improve our customers’ processes and products.

As well as wanting to deliver high quality products that create added value in our customers’ businesses, we also want our products to be sustainable and contribute to sustainable industrial development. Sustainability is therefore one of the parameters when we choose our business partners. This is one of the reasons why natural minerals are a major element of our business and why they, together with recycled plastic, form central elements of our focus on sustainability.

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